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Opinion: Will Video Games Ever Be Considered Art?


Some of you just read the title, rolled your eyes and said “Ugh” or “who cares”.  That’s a fair reaction.  It’s an argument that has been fought for many years now and video games have been on the losing side since the beginning.  I am most likely not going to win the victory for games here, but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring in their defense.  So what makes it so difficult to view games as art?  Well, for starters, just try to find the true definition of art.  It’s damn near impossible.  Still, while everyone has their own opinion on what art is, there are some truths out there.


Truth: Art, at its simplest, is a form of communication.

Flower is the game many people lean on when they think of artistic games and it’s for good reason.  It’s basically a moving tapestry of colors and music.  Yet many critics against games being art have said it doesn’t have the “characteristics” needed to be defined as such.  Specifically, the game doesn’t have a message or it isn’t trying to say or evoke anything.   As someone who has completed the game several times, I couldn’t disagree more.  While the message is up for interpretation, what I got out of it was nature trying to right the wrongs of industrialization.  You control the wind and are tasked with breathing life back into the environment.  As the plant life flourishes with every pass, the musical score also builds until the final crescendo at the end of the level when the area has been completely restored.  It’s beautiful.  And like any beautiful film, novel, or piece of art, it merits multiple viewings.


Truth: Art means whatever it is intended to mean by the artist herself.

As said by the architect in The Matrix, “The problem is choice”.  This is difficult to argue but basically if you (the player) can alter the course and/or outcome, then the artistic expression is lost since you may not see or experience what was intended.  Also because a game requires a controller, any action made with it, is a moment the player may potentially lose focus.  Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has said “The problem with games is the controller. The second you get the controller, something turns off in the heart, and it becomes a sport.”  For example, in the original Bioshock, the main protagonist was given a choice to save or harvest the Little Sisters.  This choice, along with the decisions made for which plasmids and tonics are used, alters the journey you have and the ultimate conclusion in the game.  Ultimately, only Ken Levine and his team can tell us what their artistic intension was, but I’d argue his intent was to deliver a wonderfully crafted story within the first person shooter genre.  I’d also argue the main character in the game is actually the city of Rapture itself.  Regardless what choices are made, they all exist within the rules and restrictions of that terribly beautiful city buried at sea.  The city, its rules, and all its eccentric inhabitants are what the artist want you to experience.


Truth: Art is the process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

At the Game Developers Conference in 2004, Steven Spielberg said “I think the real indicator that games have become a story telling art form is when someone confesses that they cried at level 17”  He never played Final Fantasy VII.  So an emotion has to be felt to be considered art?  If that’s truly what he needs, here I am.  I’ve reference FFVII in many conversations about this, but the reason I do is it always comes back to Aerith’s death.  FFVII is a great game in and of itself, but nothing prepared me for losing her in my party.  Forget about the fact that I spent so much time building her as a support character.  Before Mass Effect and Dragon Age came around with romancing options, there was the decision to court Tifa or Aerith.  And yes, I chose Aerith.  After weeks of fighting Shinra alongside her, she was viciously stolen from me.  To this day, whenever I hear Nobuo Uematsu’s Aerith theme, it brings me back and my eyes get a little glassy.  Since then there have been many games that would meet this “qualification”, like Journey, TellTale’s The Walking Dead, and of course The Last of Us.  When asked if he’d played any of THESE games, Spielberg responded “No, I haven’t tried those games, but if they use a controller, then they simply cannot be as artistic and daring as Indiana Jones IV.”  I think it goes without saying that this statement almost immediately discredits his opinion.


I know it seems like I’ve been picking on Spielberg, but in my research I noticed that it is mostly filmmakers who’ve vocally squashed video games being art.  Possibly because film would be the closest medium to video games.  Another filmmaker who voiced his opinion against video games is George Lucas.  He has gone on record as saying “When I first tried the Kinect, I played in poorly lit conditions, and so the device didn’t recognize all of my gestures.  I got frustrated, and then I started to feel upset, then angry.  That camera made me feel.  Now, that’s art.”  Why he wasn’t tarred and feathered right then and there is beyond me.

If you made it this far into the article, then you a least agree with me that games should be at least considered as an art form.  It may be many years before the rest of the world will agree with us, but for now let’s just enjoy and support the wonderfully talented video games artists we have now.

Unfinished Business


I very recently had a conversation with a good friend about Battlefield 4 finally being patched and how he couldn’t wait to revisit it.  I was a little shocked at his enthusiasm considering his absolute rage over the game’s condition when it was release last year.  I took to the web to see how this patch was being received and so far people seem to be, well….. OK with it.  I didn’t want to feel this, but I was upset.  This is probably sounding crazy, so perhaps I should explain why.

Battlefield 4 was release way back on October 29th 2013 and was immediately slammed for having a myriad of technical issues.  These ranged from common problems like “lag and connectivity issues” to surprising ones like “rubber banding”.  I won’t go into all the errors in it, but simply put, EA sold a broken game with a $60 price tag and truly expected people to buy it and like it.  Honestly, this was a vicious insult.  What was worst though was the way EA and DICE reacted to this, as if they were surprise.  As if anyone would believe they had no idea of the games condition before release.


Most certainly a favorable skill for combat.

So now, after almost a year later, they release the patch that hopefully corrects most of the game’s trouble.  My opinion to this is… too little, too late.  Why should anyone bother with the game now?  If you haven’t already traded it in, do you really want to go back after being burned?  If you never bought the game the first time, most likely due to the warnings from reviewers, why give them your money now?  I am a big advocate for speaking with your money and these practices are the prime reason for doing so.

Fallout New Vegas Bug

Napping while sitting: Level 10

EA already has a reputation for anti-consumer practices (just think of the SIM CITY debacle), but they certainly are not the only ones guilty of this or similar actions.  Bethesda has a well-known history for releasing unfinished games, none more egregious than Fallout: New Vegas.  Warner Bros Interactive could not wait for Rocksteady studios to bring Batman Arkham Knight to next gen consoles, so they had their own WB Montreal release a very buggy Arkham Origins to customers.  While it wasn’t unplayable, it still soiled the Arkham series name, so much so that Rocksteady has gone on record as saying that upcoming Arkham Knight will tie up the trilogy, essentially ignoring Origins existance. Furthermore, the publisher refuses to patch the game, which solidifies their stance on the consumer.


Will Batman survive? Tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat game.

This practice has to stop.  No one should have to shell out full retail price (or more if you consider collector’s editions) for an unfinished product.  I will never forget the last game I ever bought that burned me this way and that was Batman Forever on SNES.  My god, the frustration that heinous game caused me, with its poor button layout and lousy controls.  The problem is the only way to truly teach these companies not to release garbage is to NOT buy it.  If we don’t buy it, then maybe, just maybe they will suffer enough of a loss that will cause them change their method.  Or maybe I’m just delusional.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel that, as a consumer, you should get what you pay for.  Maybe we should start getting used to paying for “beta” versions of games and just think of them as “early access” to an eventually incomplete game.  All I know for sure is when compared to film and literature; gaming is the only form of entertainment that this happens in.  There are no unfinished movies or books released to the public and if there were, the production company behind it wouldn’t be around for long.  Why should game companies get a pass?

Arnaldo M

Velocity 2X: Space Shooter Meets Super Metroid

Space shooters are essentially the great grandfather of video game genres.  Old school classics like Asteroids and Space Invaders started it all and gave birth to titles like Space Harrier.  Not long after came the R-Type series which led to Einhander, and then Sine Mora and now Resogun.  I‘ve always loved a good space shooter and clearly there has never been a shortage of them available.  Still, in order to stand out among the masses, the game needs to bring something fresh and innovative.  Then along comes Velocity.

I never got to play Velocity Ultra on the PS3/Vita or as a Mini, but after speed racing through the levels in the sequel, I am going to have to invest in it.  Velocity X2 is all about frantic fast-paced action.  It starts as a top down shooter that appears simple at first, until the Quarp teleport drive gets introduced to your ship and turns up the adrenaline to ten.  Not only do you have to shoot all enemies and collect as many goodies as possible, but now you’ve got to teleport in, out and around barriers to avoid the dreaded screen crush.  This adds just the right amount of panic to the gameplay that keeps me coming right back for more like an addict.


If I were reviewing the first Velocity, this would pretty much cover it all.  Instead, Futurlab studio went over and beyond to bring a sequel that is worth a full retail release.  During flight levels, you will now be able dock your ship and take the fight on foot.  These side scrolling platform levels are immensely entertaining and also include teleport function.  Reminiscent to Super Metroid, you have an arm cannon with full 360 degree aim, which you’ll use to open blast doors and eliminate enemies.  Heck, the main protagonist, Kai, even wears what appears to be her own version of Samus’s Zero suit.  The speed in which you warp through the flight levels, jump out and burst through the platforming levels, and then jump back to escape in your ship is exhilarating.


The story follows Lt. Kai Tana as she awakes in a foreign planet to find her body modified with cybernetic enhancements.  Soon after she meets Ralan, a slave who seems directly responsible for her cybernetics, and after saving him…….. Well, let’s be real, it’s not the story that makes this game great, it’s the gameplay.  Available now on PS4 for $19.99 and you can’t beat the value. Unless, of course, you have PS Plus, which means you can get it for free this month.  So there is really no excuse.

Arnaldo M

Console Wars! What are they good for?!

Console wars have been raging for what would seem like an eternity.  Whether it’s the game companies’ taking shots at each other or their rabid fans taking the shots in an attempt to champion their choice, the fact is that there has always been hostility.  I can remember all the way back to the early 80’s (yes I’m that old) when it was Atari vs Intellivision.  Admittedly, these consoles did lead to the crash in 1983, so most probably don’t care to remember them.  After this, probably the most famous console matchup, the Nintendo vs Sega era.  I’ve asked many gamers I know which system they owned and most conceded to being a devoted fan of one or the other. Very few of them said they owned both.  From there Sony entered the arena and quickly gained popularity which eventually led to Sega bowing out of the console market altogether.  Right around that time, Microsoft joined the fray and this brings us to the current market.  Game companies will continue to stoke the fire of console wars by making exclusive content to win over consumers and there isn’t anything we can do about that.  However the fight within the fans, that is within our control.

An amazing looking game.  Perhaps even a system seller.

Quantum Break is an amazing looking game. Perhaps even a system seller.

While I will support and defend my allegiance to a specific console, I would never insult anyone for not agreeing with my choice.  Still it has become more and more popular to troll and attack loyal fans of a specific console on social media sites.  A trend I believe needs to come to an end.  So what can we do to correct this? My idea is to suggest a reason why it’s OK to only WANT to play within one ecosystem. recently posted their list of the top games/moments for Sony and Microsoft coming out of Gamescom and it was more enlightening than even they probably foresaw.   Here they are.


  1. The Tomorrow Children
  2. Bloodborn
  3. WiLD
  4. Rime
  5. Silent Hill


  1. Halo: Master Chief Collection
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Unity
  3. Call of Duty: Advance Warfare
  4. Quantum Break
  5. Rise of the Tomb Raider
The cell shaded Rime.

The cell shaded Rime.

What stands out immediately is the clear difference between them.  Over in the Microsoft camp, they have three sequels, a remastered collection, and an exclusive new I.P.  Over in Sony’s, they have one sequel and four new I.P.’s.  I think it’s important to say first that neither of these differences is a bad thing and it doesn’t make one console line up better than the other.

A gamer that looks forward to annual sequels from Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed will more likely enjoy being an Xbox owner.  If he or she hasn’t already played it, they can also enjoy the Halo collection.  While they may not have as many new I.P.’s as Sony, they do have several new titles and none look more promising than Quantum Break.  Then there is the highly controversial, possibly timed, exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider.  As you read this you can almost hear the rock music and fireworks going off in the background because big games is what being a fan of Xbox is about, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Tomorrow People appears very odd, but that is also its most attractive feature.

The Tomorrow People appears very odd, but that is also its most attractive feature.

On the other hand, a gamer that is looking for different, and maybe even unusual, experiences will more likely enjoy being a PS4 owner.  You’re not going to find a more odd game than The Tomorrow people appears to be.  Coupled with Rime, Sony’s support for the indie market has never been more clear.  Then there’s Bloodborne and WiLD which also look to being something original to the PS4.  The games many Sony fans are excited about appear to be night and day, compared to Microsoft.

Even if you've played them all, this massive collection is worth the double dip for any fan

Even if you’ve played them all, this massive collection is worth the double dip for any fan

What I see in these differences is what we have already seen from Nintendo.  Nintendo has always danced to its own tune and they have millions of fans dancing along with them.  Whether their approach works for them or not, gamers that support the Wii U are always happy with their games and will continue supporting Nintendo through its ups and downs.

All this being said, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are still coming to PS4, and there will be other original I.P’s and indie games coming to the Xbox One.  What it simply comes down to is which gaming culture you feel stronger about and when you figure that out, embrace it an enjoy.  Whichever you decide though, it doesn’t make it the only right option.  It simply means that you know who you are as a gamer and what it is you want from your gaming console.  And that’s all that should really matter.

Arnaldo M.

CF Saturdays Free Tournament (August 30th, 2014): CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II U!


This Saturday, we’re playing one of our most popular tournament games in a brand new way, with CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II on the NINTENDO WII U!

Prepare to fire your shooting gun with even more real than any of the reals before it. Featuring even more accurate Realistic Shooting Mechanics than the average Duty, CODBO2U promises to provide an all-out experience in arcade shooting simulation immersion. It’s as simple as pointing and shooting! FOR REAL.

-Single elimination
-Best of 1 match
-4-player free for all deathmatch
-30 sec. pre-game timer, 5 minute matches
-Wiimote+Nunchuk combos
-Top 2 move on until finals, where the top dog will walk away with the grand prize: $10 in store credit

The first firefights begin at 8PM, but BE SURE TO ARRIVE EARLY for signups! We recommend around 7-7:30PM. See you here!

Challenge Accepted: My Top 5 Hard games


I recently revisited one of my favorite classic games, Ghosts n Goblins, and it only took a few minutes to remember just how hard it was to play.  After several hours of getting hammered into putty, I realized that even though it was not getting any easier, this game is still awesome!  Challenging games have become all the rage again with titles like Dark Souls and Rogue Legacy bringing the pain. If you have ever played these games you would agree that while there are tough, they are also fair.  The public seems to agree since there are several upcoming hard games looking to raise the bar further.  One particular game I am looking forward to is Bloodborne.  Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team over at From Software are looking to bring more delicious torment to the PS4.  I have been pouring over all the news and videos coming out of Gamescom for Bloodborne and it has made it one of my most anticipated games of 2015. Check out the the gameplay video here.

While I would love to speak further about this game, not much else is known at this time. So I’ve decided to list my personal top 5 favorite hard games.

Ninja Gaiden (USA) 2

5. Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Sure, Ninja Gaiden Black or Sigma were great challenges, as well as great games for that matter.  Still, its the original NES version that holds my richest memories.  Leading Ryu Hayabusa to battle against Jaquio and his legion of warriors wasn’t easy, though.  Many afternoons, after school, weekends, and holidays were spent trying to defeat the game.  The final victory was worth all the screaming and rage quits.


4.  Jak II (PS2)

I am convince that swearing, sweating, tears ,and throwing things were all a part and parcel to this game’s experience.  If you were in my house while I played Jak II, you would swear I hated it.  Driving was very difficult, timed missions were horrible, and don’t get me started on the insane checkpoints.  It’s a miracle I finished it without destroying my PS2…….. Again.


3. Ghost N Goblins (NES)

It is perhaps the very early precursor to Demon/Dark Souls, only way more difficult.  Sir Arthur can only get hit twice before losing a life and you didn’t have many to begin with. Meanwhile you are facing demons and monsters who just don’t die!  By the time you get to the end, you will have forgotten that the point of all this was to rescue Princess Prin Prin.  Then only to realize it was all a trap and you had to do it all over again with a harder difficulty level. Oh the agony.


2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

If you thought being a turtle would make exploring water levels easy, you could not be more wrong.  This Ultra games classic is well known for being a brutal.  Biggest among the complaints were the random placement and re-spawning of enemies.  Add to that some floaty movement and scarce health power ups and you got yourself a difficult mission ahead.  All that said, this was one of the best looking NES games, which made all the “shell shocks” worth it.


1. Dark Souls (PS3)

We come to what i consider the creme dela creme of hard games.  As I mentioned earlier, there are more difficult games, but this was one that fell in the “hard but fair” camp.  You fight many difficult enemies and bosses in the game that tower over you like Goliath to your David.  “You will die” is all over the game case and its not lying.  The beauty of the gameplay here was there were few cheap deaths.  You quickly come to realize the reason you died is because of your own error in judgement.  I lost myself in this game and it was glorious.

Games that don’t hold your hand have always held a special place in my heart.  Recently I’ve completed Max Payne 3 and while there were moments that angered me to the point my controller feared for its life, the sense of completion I felt when I beat the game was all I needed to bring the smile back.  So chime in on the comments and tell me, what are you favorite hard games?

Arnaldo M

CF Saturdays Free Tournament (August 23rd, 2014): BLUR!


This Saturday, prepare both your Need For Speed AND your Mario Kart skills! You’ll need them both to take on and take out the competition in BLUR for the PS3!

Real cars, real damage, real quick. Race on intense race tracks in gorgeous cars. Grab power-ups to blast your opponents away, speed past them, or simply defend yourself from harm. A racing experience like no other.

Ruleset is as follows: Single elimination, best of 1 race, 4-player free-for-all. Top two move on until the final round, where first place takes home the grand prize, $10 in store credit!

The first races begin at 8PM, but be sure to arrive early (7:00-7:30) to ensure a place on the line! Action so intense and so fast, it’s all a blur. See you at the races this Saturday!

Will Nintendo go the way of Sega?


It’s a question that’s been asked many times before and, in truth, it’s a fair question.  Sega struggled for years in the console market before finally dropping it and going software only.  A move that many say was one of their smartest.  Since then they have been able to focus on more important things in the gaming industry like…. well, games.  (I, for one, still think they peaked with their very last console, The Dreamcast.)  Recently, Nintendo reported losses of $92.7 million on their quarterly report and since then some gamers have again started to fit them with a toe tag.  Google “What’s wrong with Nintendo?” and you’ll find many articles giving their reasons as to why their console will fail.  You’ll also find a few who believe the best is yet to come for Wii U.  I will mostly fall into the latter group but have some points that will support the former.

Let me get this out of the way, I truly love Nintendo.  I have been playing video games since way back to the Atari 2600.  Therefore, I have a good history with gaming.  I still remember when I received my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for Christmas.  The Action Set that included the Zapper and the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo.  That was the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with them. Through the years I went on to get the Super Nintendo, then the Nintendo 64.  The whole time never once questioning my decision to remain within their ecosystem. That is until recently.  I made it as far as the Wii and haven’t been able to justify getting the Wii U.  Still, when I write this, please understand that it comes from a place of affection and respect.  I don’t want to see them fail and believe that with some time and a few adjustments in their mission they can come back really strong.

That being said, the Wii U was released during the 2012 holiday season and after a mediocre launch has struggled to gain momentum.  It was said at that time that when the Nintendo’s “big dogs” were released, this would adjust the console’s course and help to increase sales of the Wii U to the company’s projected $9 million units.  With the release of Mario Kart 8 they did see a small spike in sales but ultimately sold only 2.7 million units in the last financial year.  Given all this, it is easy to see why many say the decline started with the Wii U.  Still, there is evidence of this decline happening many years before this last generation.  Going back as far as the NES, you can see it in just the lifetime units sold.

NES – 61.91 million units

SNES – 49.10 million units

Nintendo 64 – 32.93 million units

GameCube – 21.74 million units

The anomaly happens here with the Wii and its 101.15 million units.  All the casual gamers that bought in on the Wii really helped to hide the road before it.  Now, we come to the Wii U which as of July 30th this year is at 6.68 million units sold.  Yeah, I agree it’s not looking good  for them so far.  However, as they say the night is always darkest right before the dawn and I believe the dawn is coming for Nintendo.


A fun first person shooter with a diving twist.

So what changes do they need to get that bright morning?  First, their upcoming lineup is pretty solid.  It is undeniable that Super Smash Bros is a major player in Nintendo’s camp and the excitement for it coming out of E3 was evident.  Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker are all high on the buzz meter as well.  YES!  I said Captain Toad and I mean it.  These are all slated for release throughout the remainder of 2014.  For early 2015, there are games like Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles and, of course, Zelda.  Lets not forget Mario Maker!  This is my own bold prediction, but I believe that the sleeper hit that will move units will be Mario Maker.  Oh, how that game gets me excited!

I can't express how much I am ready to dive into this game

I can’t express how much I am ready to dive into this game.

Mixed within these major “tent pole” titles are several indie ports that can serve to fill in the gaps.  While it’s probably a timed exclusive, Shovel Knight has already brought “old school” and “hardcore” back to the Wii U.  This is a big step in the right direction for them.  1001 Spikes and Oddworld are also on their way.  Having a steady stream of games is key to staying alive in the console market and indie gaming is a great place to invest in.


Next, Nintendo needs to secure some third party love again.  Major third party developers have all but abandoned Nintendo after their console exclusives fail to sell.  Even EA and its infamous “unprecedented partnership” speech only have FIFA 2015 scheduled for this year.  Nintendo is going to have to swallow some pride and build back those bridges that were burnt.  It is a well-known fact that they have some serious cash reserves after selling the Wii consoles like hotcakes.  Open up that coin purse a bit and get someone to take the time to develop something original and exclusive for their console.

Finally, Nintendo has to avoid allowing so much shovelware to be released and bring back that Seal of Quality that made us believe tthat heir games were great.  With all the substandard party games flooding their library and outselling better quality games, the Wii console’s lifecycle was almost a re-enactment of the video game crash back in 1983.  Admittedly, Nintendo did make lots of money during that time, but loss the hardcore gamers in the process.  Gamers who  now own Sony’s PS4 which has sold more than 10 million units or the XBOX One which is not far behind Sony in sales.

Ultimately, these are just my little opinions and I know more about fixing my car’s engine than I know about running a major game company, which is to say I know nothing.  Nintendo has been around for more than 100 years and will most likely be here for the next 100.  Who knows, perhaps the upcoming lineup will be enough to resurrect it.  Perhaps third party publishers were just holding them back.  All I know for sure is that somewhere along the way, Nintendo and I grew apart and since then they haven’t been doing too well.  After this years E3 Nintendo Direct, I felt that familiar excitement I’ve felt before and I’m cautiously looking forward to their next 18 months.

Arnaldo M

Changing a Game Save Battery


From left to right – Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Nintendo

Some retro games employing a game save feature use a battery to provide a small amount of voltage to the memory on the circuit board to “remember” your save game. I’m going to show you where they are and how to change them. Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Games Typically use the CR1616 size batteries, though in some Gameboy games they can also use the CR2025 size batteries. SNES, N64, and NES games use the CR2032 size batteries. CR2025 batteries will also work, only being a tad thinner and about 1/4 less capacity than a CR2032.

What you will need-

  • 4.5mm Nintendo Game bit or Tri-Wing screwdriver (depending on what game you are working with)
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Solder vacuum or braid (not required, but makes things easier)

In this example, we are going to change a defective battery in a Super Nintendo game, Super Mario World. We will be using a CR2025 battery.




From left to right – CR2025 and CR1616 batteries


A gamesave battery on a game’s circuit board


The back side of the game circuit board where the battery is soldered

Desoldering is simple, just hold the tip of the iron on the solder spots until it melts and pull the leg out the front. I suggest using eye protection when doing this, as occasionally a leg can spring out and fling hot solder.



The old SNES battery nest to the new battery.

The batteries we use are somewhat universal, but the legs are angled to be soldered into a Gameboy cart. You can simply bend these legs to match the SNES battery. On Gameboy games, the circuit boards are labeled to show where the positive and negative legs go. The SNES boards aren’t labeled, but have two different sized holes which you can identify on the old battery which is positive (+) and which is negative (-).



Once in place, simply add solder where the legs come through the back side of the circuit board. Allow it solidify and cool, re-assemble, then go have fun!



Yama Con adds J-Rock Band Kazha To Their Guest Lineup


Yama-Con, an animation and pop culture convention held here in Pigeon Forge has announced a new addition to their guest list this year, and it’s the J-Rock band Kazha.

“Yama-Con is pleased to announce our newest guest addition. The J-Rock band Kazha. If you were at Akai Con [recently] then you had the pleasure of seeing them live and they are amazing. They will be joining us in concert alongside Eyeshine at Yama-Con 2014.

Bio: Kazha is a rock band from Japan. Lead singer Kazuha Oda started the band after her successful solo career working on over 20 records in Japan. She has worked with a wide variety of different performers including the Grammy winning pianist Bob James.

Kazha debut in Japan with the release of the first EP “Breathe Through Your Dreams” from Victor Entertainment in September 2009. With the release of the first album “Overture” in April 2010, Kazha made their first National tour in North America and South America. They recently made their European debut performing at Abunai Convention in August 2012.

Kazha represents the new future of the world music with a fusion of cultures and musical viewpoints which create their sound. Their music combines the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane.”

If you would like more information on Yama-Con, you can find their site HERE as well as Kazha’s official website HERE